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Covid Updates For Salon

Hope you are well, we truly missed you all!

Your safety is still our first concern so we will have some new Health Reminder: If you have a compromised immune system and are at high risk we suggest waiting until we are in our 3rd or 4th phase of re-opening. Also if you or your immediate family have had any signs or symptoms of having the virus or if you have been exposed to someone who has been exposed to someone who has been exposed, you should not take a chance of infecting others. We suggest taking your temperature the morning of your service.

When you enter the salon we ask that you use the hand sanitizer wipes provided at our entry and exit with a disposal canister provided. Please give us any item from your purse you would like to use while at the salon such as cell phone or I-pad and we will disenfect it for you.

1. The salon first phase of re-opening the salon we ask that our clients wear a face mask that wraps around your ears. Please do not wear gloves, unless you change your gloves after you touch something you may spread germs or a virus. Some more new guidelines and recommendations may be enforced by NC State Board Of Cosmetology and this will be updated as we are given more information.

2. ONE GUEST at a time In our interior waiting area. And ask that you remain a safe distance. As a reminder on a lovely day there is an outside garden bench to wait also. (We are removing any and all magazines in our waiting area and hair stations.)

3. We have been certified with a Hospital and Salon Disinfectant company called “Barbicide” with updated sanitation and disinfecting procedures for salons.

4. You will be re-booked, in the order that you were cancelled. *when you are re-booked for a men's or ladies haircut we will text or email to confirm your appointment, please mention if there are any changes in your Haircolor or haircut that need to be made.*

5. We will be doing touchup colors and partial highlights.

6. Highlights will be based on touchup only.

7. Haircuts with basic styling only, for men no beard trims in the salon first phase of opening.

8. Eyebrow waxing only no other facial waxing during the salon first phase of opening.

9. RETAIL: We are now selling our plant life Essential Oils Allergy Relief, Germ Buster, Protect and Breath Easy. If you would like any of these or any other products please mention this in your confirmation call, text or email and we will gather and prepare your products to be ready to go for you.

Thank you to all who have been supporting and purchasing products from us not having the salon open for business you have been a blessing to us. Please notify us if you want to book up some future appointments, we will do our best to work this out.

10. PAYMENT: We sanitize our payscreen and style pen after each use with our hospital grade sanitizer and disenfectant. Apple Pay also has a wonderful no touch credit card for use in any retail establishment.

Update within our salon building: In an effort to keep our salon environment as healthy and safe as possible we have invested in a Cold Plasma Generator. The plasma field generated by Phenomenal Aire is encapsulated within an air handler’s duct work and there are no harmful byproducts. There is no ozone generated during the Phenomenal Aire process. Kills Viruses Kills Bacteria Kills Mold Spores Eliminates Allergens Eliminates Odors Breaks Down VOCs (Volatile Organic compounds)

Again we want to thank each of you who have reached out to us in such kind ways. We appreciate all of you and have tried to stay positive using the time as a gift.

The spring has unfolded her splendid beauty of garden flowers, cooking, cleaning, painting, and doing some over due projects. We hope you are able to make some lemonade out of these crazy lemons! Many safe blessings to each one of you always. If you have any concerns, or questions..please feel free to reach out we want to assure you, we will be working NON STOP to get all of you back in, and back on our schedule.


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