Silk Scarves and Wool Art


Scarves are hand painted individual works of art available for personal custom design.


Painting On Silk


Begins with a luxurious base of precious pure white China silk stretched tightly on a frame. I use the combination of imported French Silk Dyes and French Silk Paint resist of Gutta (which is like a rubber cement) Rice Paste or Hot Wax Resist. The purpose of a resist is to stop the flow of dye and create a barrier, which makes the outline of an image. One of the things that excites me the most about silk painting is the purity and the intensity of color that can only be achieved by this unique technique. After the painting is complete I steam or dry heat the silk for many hours. This sets the dye and increases the intensity of the color. It also makes the painting very permanent and durable. The silk pieces can be washed or dry cleaned.



I start with a sketch of an image when I begin a painting. I can plan but never totally control what each painting will evolve into. The temperature and humidity will effect the pigment and flow of the dyes. The magic of silk painting comes from the subjective images and combinations that emerge within these boundaries. It is still amazing to me how this happens. The essence of what I am painting comes through the flowing dye. Each painting is unique and is one of a kind art work.



Special orders are available for scarves, ties, or clothing. Finished art works can also be framed as pictures, wall hangings, or household decor and make a wonderful gifts as a one of a kind piece.

If you would like to learn the technique of silk painting Julie offers individual & group classes.

To inquire about classes please call 828-384-1997.  

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