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Get Hip To Lemongrass

When you think of lemongrass, does your favorite curry dish come to mind? This culinary herb is featured in a lot of Asian cuisines and is commonly used in teas. But lemongrass also has medicinal properties when used topically, which is why our line of Plantlife created their Lemongrass Body Lotion, Lemongrass Body Wash, Lemongrass Foam Soap, Lemongrass Body Oil, Lemongrass Sugar Scrub and Lemongrass Soap Bar. Used alone or together, these all-natural, therapeutic grade body care products will keep you smelling fresh this summer from head to toe.

The key ingredient in these products is 100% pure Lemongrass Essential Oil, which has a clean, citrusy aroma that’s less tart than lemon. Lemongrass Essential Oil has been shown to help relieve anxiety, clear the mind and lift the spirits.

Lemongrass is particularly helpful during the hot summer months when, let’s be honest, we all sweat more. Lemongrass is a natural, deodorizing tonic, working to keep the skin clear of excess oils and manage chafing, athlete’s foot and other issues caused by perspiration. When used in massage, lemongrass has been shown to tone muscle tissue, relieve tension and ease the pain of muscle strain, making it the perfect choice for a rubdown after an intense workout.

Lemongrass also is a natural insect repellent! So whether you suds up, exfoliate, moisturize or diffuse, we have you covered with the fresh aroma of Lemongrass.

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