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Of The Year At Rapture Organic Salon… We continue to research for the most pure and effective personal care products we can find.

Our latest find is the company “Plant Life” This Aromatherapy Company makes pure, organic and therapeutic grade essential oils, soaps, lotions, bath salts, and lip balms, and room sprays.

Specially formulated 100% pure, therapeutic grade Pure Essential Oil and Plant Life Blends, with your health in mind. Pure Essential Oils can be added to bath, massage oils, lotions, air diffuser or sprays.

This aromatic “Holiday Blend" brings joy to the season with the heart warming aroma of the holidays. Scent cards, potpourri, table center piece, decorations or burn in a diffuser and fill the air with goodness! The uses are endless. Smells heavenly!

Fight Dry Skin This Winter Cold weather has long come to roost. If for some reason you haven’t been moisturizing, it’s probably wreaked havoc on your skin, but there is still hope… Moisturizing Skin Bars to clean up without drying out, Body Oils before you step out of the shower to lock in moisture, and apply Carrier Oil ( Avocado Oil ) for even more protection. Our hope is to give you the best tools possible to survive this winter, and there’s only one thing left to discuss.

Most lotions on the market can leave you feeling greasy or sticky, but Plantlife’s Moisturizing Body Lotion will hydrate your skin without leaving an unattractive residue. It’s not about making dry skin oily, but soft and silky smooth. It’s also an accomplished alternative to all those harmful parabens, chemicals, and synthetics, because these lotions are made with organic ingredients, and essential oils.

Plantlife’s Sore Muscle Massage Oil or Plantlife’s Relieve Arnica Oil are a must for helping those stubborn muscles relax unwanted energy and alleviate that pain. The synergistic formula of essential oil used in these products help penetrate and soothe tired, overworked and depleted muscles. Use these products to gently massage in a small but dynamic circular motion or in a static compression manner to trigger pressure points. Go a step further and take a warm bath (or a jacuzzi) with Plantlife Sore Muscle or Relieve Bath Salts to provide a good mineral boost due to the high content of minerals in the formula. Complete your restorative process and follow with Plantlife Relieve Arnica Balm to bring those irritated muscles back to a proactive, yet calm manner.

Give the Gift Of Love Love Soap Feel the love with the warm and comforting scent of our aromatherapy moisture soap; a soap so indulgent you’ll feel the love bug! Pure essential oils and fresh herbs come together in a harmonious blend that soothes the soul and comforts the heart.

Our gift to you this month… Mention this e-mail and receive a free travel bar of Plant Life Oatmeal & Almond Moisturizing Bar. Try it for yourself and see feel the difference! Copyright © 2016 Rapture Organic Salon, All rights reserved. Thank You for signing up we are excited to share our latest news, specials, and events with you! Our mailing address is:

Rapture Organic Salon

859 Rosman Hwy. Suite B

Brevard, NC 28712

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