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Wedding Makeup Looks

Not sure how to do your makeup on your big day? Our advice: don’t stray too far away from your comfort zone. Sure, you want to be a little more glam, but you also want to look and feel like yourself. Perhaps just choose one feature that you really want to showcase and play it up a bit.

Wedding makeup in the past few years has had a bit more of a natural look, resembling the girl next door. This also rings true for hairstyle trends. Because you will be captured in hundreds of photos, you do want your foundation to be layered on a little thicker than usual, but you don’t necessarily need bright colored lipstick and really rosy cheeks to bring out the best in your features.

A favorite wedding makeup trend is having natural colored lips and cheeks, with a subtle smokey eye. Of course, the darker your features, the darker you can go. For fair skinned and blonde women, we recommend a brown liner for your eyes, the bottom lid in particular.

In order to get a flawless application, prepare your skin in the months before the wedding by exfoliating with facial treatments and using lots of moisturizer. No matter how good your makeup is, if your skin isn’t smooth and hydrated, you won’t get the perfect look that you’re going for.

As professional makeup artists,Rapture Organic Salon has the experience to help you with your makeup needs on your special day.

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