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Finding PEACE

Finding Peace In December

Peace is a great gift!
Peace is something that we are constantly seeking. It simply is within our own hearts that peace is found. Seeking peace on an external level outside ourselves brings only bring temporary peace and joy.

I lost a Friend-Client-and Mentor on November 13th. Kitty lost her battle to cancer. When death comes for those we love, we are never fully ready for the ground shaking shock and sadness that we are never going to see or talk to them again in this lifetime. The pain of their absence is deeply felt at our center, the heart feels the weight of it. The feeling is as though the heart is shattered into fragments, floating around in our chest like shards of glass cutting us with it’s grief. The grief would leave us with no hope, no joy, no peace if it was not for something called…


love found within the vast pain, love is a healing glue to put the pieces back together. A seed of love for the person we lost, it is that love we knew, that awakens our hope. The budding seed of love grows and expands, permeating our whole being. For me, I first found a love I never thought possible when I found the love of Jesus. His love reached into my love for her, and as it did, the love swelled up in me, not only healing my brokenness but over-flowing like a soft wave on the shoreline. This love envelopes my work, my friends, my family and even the tender nature around me.

The heart that was once broken is now filled with LOVE that cannot be contained…it is in that love where my peace is.

Seek the love in the empty place of your heart and there is …


Favorite Quote:

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant”

-Robert Louis Stevenson

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