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The Brows Have It

November 2, 2015

Don’t underestimate what a well defined brow can do for your facial features giving you a crisp, put together appearance that people notice, even if they can't identify the cause.

“The correct brow will help open up the entire eye area and work to improve the face’s overall
symmetry,” says makeup artist & hairstylist Terry Craig. “The perfect brow will make you look fresh, rested, young,healthy,

So how do you go about learning how to do your eyebrows? For starters, your face shape plays
a role in determining which eyebrow shape
works best for you.

 A water-based formulation enriched with antioxidants, glominerals brow gel provides brow-sculpting control in tinted or clear. Brow gel not only defines the brow line, but also provides instant cover for unwanted gray or silver hair. Recommended enhancers: Precision brow pencils.

A square jaw accents the angularity of your face, so softly
rounded brows are the way to go.
“Make sure your brows are not too angular,” says Terry.
“But beware of making brows appear too round; you don’t
want to over pluck and create rainbow-shaped brows!”


If your face is round you want to make sure your brows are
very angular with a high arch. Because there is a lack of definition
in a rounder face, the perfect angled brow can bring out and define
facial bone structure that is lacking or not present. For round faces,
a higher arch is flattering.

A  long face is characterized by features that are vertically stretched
out. In this case, it is important to extend the tails of your brows
east-to-west to really play up horizontal features.”
 “I always suggest that the tails of brows extend beyond the corner
of the eye, but a long face should make it a point for tails to extend
a bit longer. It is important to beware when sculpting the tail, however,
as allowing it out too far will drag the eye down and make it
appear droopy.”

"Although bold brows are in this season, a heart shaped face will
 definitely want to steer shy of this trend,” Terry says.  Because of
the petite jaw line and emphasis on the upper portion of the face,
it is important to keep brows well-manicured and exceptionally
groomed.That being said, a thin brow is never in! The idea here
is to create a shape that is controlled and never bushy. This tight brow
on the top hemisphere of the face will serve to balance the smaller
chin and jawline of the bottom half.

A classic, balanced brow is perfect for this well proportioned
faceshape.Just make sure you follow three rules for all face shapes
(see below).
All Face Shapes
No matter what face shape you have, there are three golden rules
to follow when it comes
to your brows.

1. The head of the brow should begin at the bridge of your nose.
This point can be easilyfound by vertically holding a pencil up
to either side of your nose bone.

2. Terry says,”The arch of your eyebrows should be about two-thirds
of the way out. One of the biggest mistakes I see is a centered arch.
This gives the dreaded ‘rainbow’ shape!”

3. Don’t cut your brows too short. “The tail should, at
the very least, end on an imaginary
line from the corner of the nose to the corner of the eye,” Terry says.
“You can allow it to extend slightly further as long as that tail doesn’t
end lower than where the head begins
(this can make the eyes look droopy).

Whether yours are thinning, fading, or graying, we help you
get them in shape! 

1. Start by gently outlining the shape of the browwith your pencil.

With fine stokes to fill in missing hairs.

2.With a stiff, angled brow brush, dust on the powder in the same
direction your hairs grow. use brow gel for added coverage
over stubborn whitehair.

3. When you’re finished, brush the hairs up and out with a spoolie
(it’s like a clean mascara wand); this blends and softens the powder
so it looks more natural and removes any excess powder.


Zuii Organic Definer Pencil or
Glo Minerals Precision Pencil
Glo Minerals Brow Powder
Glo Minerals Brow Gel

Your Arch Enemy: Disappearing Tail

The Problem: Brows thin at the outer edges (by your temples).
Often this happens with a thyroid imbalance. The tail of the brow
is the part that sets off the arch, which makes eyes look youthful  
without it, eyes seem droopy and tired.”

The Solution: Lengthen your brow tails with a pencil. 

The Brow Fix:
1. First, determine where the tail of your brow should end by
holding a pencil diagonally from the outside corner of your
nostril to the outer corner of your eye. The spot where the
pencil intersects with your brow is your target.

2. Extend your brows to that point by using the brow pencil to
sketch light, feathery strokes in the same direction your
hairs grow. Very gently fill in with Glo Minerals Brow Powder.

3. Set the pencil—and blend the penciled-in tails with the
rest of your hairs—by stroking Glo Minerals Brow Gel 
over the entire length of your eyebrows.

Your Arch Enemy: Graying Brows


The Problem: “From afar, gray or white brows disappear
completely, which makes your features look washed out and
unbalanced,” says Julie

The Solution: Camouflage colorless hairs using the right
technique, which depends on the number of grays you have. 

The Fix:

1. Hide a few strays with a brow pencil that matches your
eyebrow color; with a sharpened tip point it lets you paint
hairs precisely with a natural-looking color.

2. If you have a significant number of grays, color them
temporarily by brushing on a tinted brow gel that's slightly
lighter than the nongray hairs.

3. If your brows are mostly gray, dyeing them is the best fix.
Even if the hair on your head is silver or gray hair, I suggest
dyeing brows light ash brown,” says Julie. “ This creates a
frame for your eyes that brighten your features for a more
youthful look.

Your Arch Enemy: Overgrown Wild Brows


The Problem: Bushy brows can make eyes look smaller.
And longer, coarser hairs (which appear with age) may overhang
at the outer edges, making lids look droopy, says Julie.

The Solution: Trim long stray hairs, and have them waxed
for the ultimate groomed brow, brush hairs in place for arches
that are under control. 

Don’t forget your PEEPERS!


Some glasses will cover your eyebrows, while others will
frame them. Either way, with glasses your eyebrows are
more noticeable. Make them stand out for all the right
reasons! Keep up on your grooming, whether you wax, 
or tweeze. Make sure they are nicely trimmed and shaped. 

Your undereye circles will be more noticable with shadows
from the eyeglass frame, Julie suggests the sunbeam shade
of Glo Luxe undereye highlighter to correct dark circles.


Lets get down to business…
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